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Letter From Rose - September & October 2014

Dear Friends,
In my letter to you last time I mentioned that we were still looking for a new Team Rector.

By now you will know that following an interview with The Archdeacon of Dudley, a representative from Worcester Cathedral, the Rural Dean, Lay Chair, Revd Jan Ashton, representatives from the Kidderminster Parish Church Team Ministry, Wolverley and Cookley and the Superintendent of the Methodist Church, and an invitation from our Diocesan Bishop, Dr John Inge to the vacancy, I have been appointed as Team Rector Designate for the Kidderminster Ismere Team Ministry.

The decision to apply for this role was not taken lightly as after a great deal of prayer and ‘doing the job’ of Acting Team Rector since Owain’s retirement last year I was well aware of what not only lies before me, but before the whole of our new Team as we move into the reality of serving our Lord across a much larger area.

However, a lot of hard work has already been carried out by many people, both lay and ordained that will begin to take us forward from the firm foundations laid by both Revd Canon D. Owain Bell and Revd Geoffrey Shilvock, to whom we are eternally grateful, but now the time has come to begin to use the amazing God given gifts we have among us now.

With my appointment to Team Rector Designate this will of course mean that we still have a vacancy – this time for a Vicar in the Team with special responsibility for Broadwaters and Cookley and Workplace Chaplaincy with ‘Faith @ Work’ in Worcestershire, the role I have been doing for the last seven and a half years.

The wheels have already been put in motion to advertise this post and we are hopeful that it will be easier to fill than the Team Rector Designate. However, until then we, that is myself, Jan and Alex will be continuing to carry out the work across the Team together with the generous help of our retired clergy, Readers, ALM’s, senior Clergy (Bishop’s, Archdeacon’s and other Diocesan Staff) and of course everyone who carries out their own particular ministry in the seven churches.

In my previous letter to you all I wrote about the ‘winter period’, where seeds can lay dormant waiting for the spring when they will be given the opportunity to sprout, grow and bear fruit. Well we haven’t quite arrived at spring yet, but we are making progress towards it – towards the day when we have another colleague, are fully staffed and spring will have arrived!

Of course each new spring brings with it new life and with new life there can be change.
However, Jonathan Sacks, one time Chief Rabbi wrote in his book ‘Celebrating Life’ that –

‘Change is not threatening, so long as we keep firm hold of the values by and for which we live.
We can travel with confidence so long as we have a map.
We can jump with safety knowing there is someone to catch us as we fall.
It is when we lose these things that change creates anxiety…………..
The possibilities of happiness are all around us, if we would only open our eyes and give thanks.’

And so we move forward, we give thanks to God for bringing us to where we are and we pray that together as the Kidderminster Ismere Team we will indeed open our eyes, give thanks and bear good and abundant fruit in God’s world.

With every blessing for our future together,
Revd Rose Lawley
Team Rector Designate
Kidderminster Ismere Team

From the Parish Registers


Emily Joan Bennett; 27thJuly at St. John’s, Wolverley
Havanna-Leigh Griffiths; 27thJuly at St. John’s, Wolverley
Mason Oliver Kent; 27thJuly at St. John’s, Wolverley
Christopher Hough; 4thAugust at St. John’s, Wolverley
Oscar Ben Ronnie Hodgetts; 10thAugust at St. John’s, Wolverley
Tallulah Elizabeth Morgan; 17thAugust at St. John’s, Wolverley
Erica Rose Copson; 27thAugust at St. Peter’s, Cookley
Storm Alexander Rice; 31stAugust at St. John’s, Wolverley
Layla Joy King; 31stAugust at St. John’s, Wolverley
Tiana Rose Clarke; 7thSeptember at St. John’s, Wolverley
Lillie Mae Clarke; 7thSeptember at St. John’s, Wolverley
Lacey Sharne England; 14thSeptember at St. Peter’s, Cookley
Elle Marie Baker; 14thSeptember at St. Peter’s, Cookley
Miley-Mae Baker; 14thSeptember at St. Peter’s, Cookley
Finn Luca Turvey; 14thSeptember at St. Peter’s, Cookley
Maggie-Beau Fowler; 21stSeptember at St. John’s, Wolverley
Peggy Maud Frances Thomas; 21stSeptember at St. John’s, Wolverley


Simon Robert Knight and Marie Louise Wyatt; 26thJuly at Cookley
Richard Charles Moreby and Leanne Julie Mills; 2ndAugust at Cookley
Adam Charles Howell and Hayley Dawn Branford; 16thAugust at Wolverley
James Philip Paul Swift and Ruby Barnell; 27thAugust at Wolverley
Terence Edwin Harris and Sarah Maureen Freeman; 29thAugust at Wolverley
Gary Robert Hawkins and Jodie Michelle Hobbins; 30thAugust at Wolverley
Colin David Prince and Christine Elizabeth Parsonage; 30thAugust at Cookley
Scott Graeme Hynd and Kirsty Louise MacGregor; 6thSeptember at Cookley


Michael Kennedy Ayre; 24thJuly at St. John’s, Wolverley
Rosella Edna Page of Cookley; 28thJuly at Wyre Forest Crematorium
Phyllis Maud Thompson; 29thJuly at St. Peter’s, Cookley
Joyce Chillington of Wolverley; 6thAugust at Wyre Forest Crematorium
Janet Elizabeth Bridges; 13thAugust at St. John’s, Wolverley & Wyre Forest Crematorium
Christopher Danks; 14thAugust at St. John’s, Wolverley
Sybil Margaret Clee; 29thAugust at St. Peter’s, Cookley & Wyre Forest Crematorium
Diane Day of Wolverley; 4thSeptember at Stourbridge Crematorium
David John Turner of Cookley; 4thSeptember at Wyre Forest Crematorium
Patricia Kirk of Cookley; 5thSeptember at Wyre Forest Crematorium
Doris Laidlaw; 10thSeptember at St. John’s, Wolverley

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