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7th May 2015 Go To Blogspot

Ascension and Bluebells

It's Ascension Day on Thursday May 14th and we're having a service at 7.30pm. Do join us.

Last year I bought helium balloons (biodegradable of course); we went outside to release and watched them as they went higher and higher and then disappear . As we watched we were interrupted by those words ‘Men (and women) of Galilee (Wolverley), why do you stand looking up towards heaven? This Jesus, who has been taken up from you into heaven, will come in the same way as you saw him go into heaven.’ This balloon release and Scripture did help me imagine the Ascension and also gave me a sharp reminder of Jesus' return one day. I hope it worked for others too.

Ascension Day is one of my favourite festivals. It might have started because I have a memory as a child it was a holiday from school! But it does provide the evidence Jesus' body went to be with God and is now part of the Trinity. God has first hand evidence of our humanity!

I had a disturbed night’s sleep last night and in my prayers this morning I felt a bit worst for wear but remembered that God understands this - there’s a human body within God which no doubt also had disturbed nights.

More info about the woods in Wolverley next to our church. The bluebells are nearly at their best! A wonderful carpet of that is-it-blue-is-it-purple haze of flowers. In Lancashire where I’m from, I remember the bluebells came first and then the ramsons flowered second. Yesterday I couldn’t smell the bluebells because the ramsons were also in full flower flooding the area with that garlic-y smell. Boo to ramsons I’d say.

Our church is open every day (all being well). Do visit it and the woods this Spring.

Jan - Revd Jan Ashton

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