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14th June - a day of contrasts + an account of a visit

Hello again to all readers…

Church news first - as you know church is open from about 8.30pm until 4pm and one of our plans during the summer is to make a ‘prayer corner’ where there can some private space for prayer. At the moment this corner of the church is a ‘dumping ground’. We are going to hire a skip and do some sorting out. But what should we do with an old harmonium which doesn’t work? Keep it, knowing it’s taking space and doesn’t work? Or throw it away - but it is a nice piece of furniture? Some decisions need to be made.

On Sunday 14th June at 4.30pm is our afternoon tea and Evensong. It’s a lovely evening. Firstly, we have some people who are excellent cake bakers so the food is yummy! And then secondly, the choir and organist do an quiet beautiful Evensong - you can feel the presence of God. I find it is so peaceful and helps so much to get my mind free to worship God and be thankful for all that I’ve been given.

In complete contrast the Sunday 14th June at 11am is our Worship 4 All. There’ll be children and noise and craft and stories and singing and a quiz. But again a chance to worship in a more challenging environment. Challenging because of the message and challenging because of the noise!

Mike Webster, who lives in Wolverley, sent me this email about some Americans he showed around Wolverley and around church. I thought others would be interested in reading it so I’ve included it here -
A recent visitor from America described her visit to Wolverley as "An experience of a lifetime".
Keith Armstrong had grown up in the small town of Machias in the state of Maine. In 1942 he enlisted to serve in the American Army. He found himself serving as a lab technician with the 52nd General Hospital at Wolverley. It was while he was here that he worked alongside the young English girl June Howells (Nee Buckley) in the hospitals laboratory. It was June's name that enabled Keith's daughter Pauline Cates to contact me, Mike Webster, and a arrange her visit to Wolverley. While staying with relations in London she was able make her visit in May this year. She was accompanied by her son Stephen and life long friend Cindy.
Pauline was able to visit the former hospital site at Brown Westhead park. This included the grounds and the area where her father was billeted, and one of the buildings used by the caravan site. A visit into the church was enjoyed by everyone, especially the memorial dedicated to the 52nd General Hospital.
Pauline returned to America having met the lady she only knew from a photograph and was able to visit Wolverley who her father had spoke so much about before he died in 1985.

Thank you Mike for sharing this.

Jan - Revd Jan Ashton

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